The Significance of Colour

To a designer, a colour palette is essential to every project and every client. In branding, colour is a key component. It adds depth, life and purpose, and forms part of a brand’s identity. The very first thing people are physically attracted to is colour, they see this before they see anything else. Don’t underestimate the the significance of colour when making your first impression count.

The first step we take towards branding a company is to begin by understanding the brand personality. Essentially, we get to know our clients from the inside out, by building a brand language. In order to understand the brand personality visually, we take steps in the studio to build a foundation of assets such as the colour palette, logo, fonts and more. The aim is to create a secure and strong identity with solid foundations upon which the client can grow and develop their brand. This will also help our clients remember their mission, vision, goals and purpose.

The colour palette is one of the biggest assets that help to build this brand language. We try to encourage our clients to go for two or three colours, which will give excellent results. In this instance, you will be looking at a primary colour to front the brand and one or two additional colours to compliment the brand.

Humans have two or more personality traits, just as a brand does. Choosing a complimentary palette that consists of two to three colours enhances a brand’s visual identity. It also means that your audience is able to relate to your brand better because of humans personality traits. Your logo is your brands single most important asset. Defining colour will heavily influence your logo and your brand language. This is why colour psychology is extremely important to get right.

Below you will find a selection of colours listing the characteristics they hold and what they mean to us;

Colour Meanings

So, what do YOUR brand colours say about you and your business? Do they reflect the true personality of your brand or something completely different?

Let’s take a look at some famous brands. What characteristics do they portray?

1. Apple (well, we couldn’t leave this one out!) – They use a white and grey colour palette, which reflects a cool, calm and balanced look, showing off their professional brand.

2. Lego – Their primary colour is red, which screams boldness, energy and excitement, reflecting their fun products.

3. Johnsons – Their primary colour is blue, which is characterised as strong, honest and dependable, reflecting their trustworthy brand.

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Mel is the Creative Director/Owner of The Design Hive. Mel has put her heart and soul into building up the business and is truly passionate about the the industry and our clients.