How much will my graphic design job, branding project, or website cost me?

How we work

Commissioning a design project, whether it’s a logo, a brochure or some signage, all jobs are unique to each individual. No two jobs are the same, and no two companies fit the same design brief.

We typically work on an hourly basis. If you would like us to quote for a particular job, please get in touch and we will get back to you with a full quotation based on your design brief. Your quotation may include time for researching, strategy planning, concepts, amendments and any third-party costs such as sourcing stock images and preparing your files so they are ready for print.

What is your design budget?

Your budget will reflect the amount of time we are able to spend on your project, and inevitably, the outcome. Of course, as designers we will always produce wonderful creations and fulfil your design brief, whatever your budget.

As with a lot of design projects, many clients find that their design brief changes as the project evolves. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved, and naturally you will get more involved and enthusiastic as things progress. Goalposts will move slightly, and projects tend to grow and expand.

For us to give you an accurate quote, rather than an estimation, we need you to think about your design brief. Do you already have an idea of the end product, or would you like some advice and guidance?

Questions to consider

How would you describe your service or products?

Everyone is unique and we understand that, but if someone asked you to describe your products or service, to perfectly encapsulate them, what would you say?

Why do you want a new logo?

If you have an existing logo, what is it about your current one that you don’t like?

Who are your main competitors?

Who are you chasing, or who do you want to keep at arms-length? Knowing what competition is out there is key to standing out from the crowd.

What are the long-term goals of your company?

Do you want to grow? Do you want to attract a different market? Understanding where you see your company heading helps us start piecing together the jigsaw.

Do you have a tag line?

A tag line, also known as a ‘strapline’, is a short sentence that usually accompanies a logo. Do you have an existing one or is this something to consider?

Do you have specific imagery in mind?

Imagery is a powerful tool for getting your message across. Do you have a particular style or type of imagery that suits your brand?

What are your favourite colours?

Everyone knows what they like or don’t like, but what are you favourite colours?

What are your least favourite colours?

Now we know the colours you do like, what about the colours you really don’t like?