Convey your message with an illustration

It will give any piece of artwork individuality and personality. In a crowded marketplace, illustrations can make a business distinct and set them apart from their competitors. They come in many forms, from logo design to maps, showing processes, facts and figures, characters and much more. If you have an idea, you need bringing to life, let’s discuss it and see where our imagination takes us.

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Tree Wildlife Bird Illustration Somerset

Freehand Drawings

A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is created very naturally simply with a piece of paper and a pencil. It’s a great way to make your message appeal to a wider audience. Whether it’s a single drawing or a more complex collection of drawings, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Map Illustrations

A map serves a paramount purpose; it helps members of the public and tourists find their way around a town or village. It also points people to places of interest. If you would like a quotation, please contact us or email your requirements.

Map illustration Highbridge Somerset
nature reserve map illustration somerset

Nature Reserve and Woodland Illustrations

Countryside interpretation panels are often designed with a nature reserve woodland map as a focal point for visitors to use as navigation. We work from supplied maps and Google maps to get an accurate and detailed view of the area before we begin creating your map.

Character Drawings

A cartoon is a type of two-dimensional illustrated visual art. Known as a non-realistic or semi-realistic drawing it is intended for caricature or humour. Deliver your marketing message with humour and appeal to the funny side of potential customers.

Superhero illustration somerset

The Illustration Process

The Design Hive Design Consultation

1. Let's talk

With something as important as an illustration, it’s important we get to know you. We can meet face to face, by video call or a simple phone call.

The Design Hive Research Process

2. Research

The second stage begins with the exploration of your business, competitors, target audience and existing ideas you may have.

The Design Hive Design Process

3. Design

We work together as a team to build up a bank of ideas and thoughts in their simplest form before going into more depth and detail.

Implementation 2

4. Implementation

The creation of your illustration, which normally includes a minimum of three concepts, and the big reveal of the new you.