It all starts with your logo and brand

Your logo design is the first thing people see and the last thing they remember. It’s the difference between being noticed or being forgotten. It is the face of your business and gives you an instant personality. You only have seconds to make an impression on your customers. Make every moment count.

Make your mark with a powerful logo that tells a story

Your logo is where your story begins; it’s what forms the foundations of your business and what people will remember about you…or forget. What do people think when they see your logo and brand? Potential customers make decisions about your company based on your image.

Logos are incredibly powerful symbols that when done right, will sit in the subconscious of the viewer. A logo must create an impact, it must be remembered as a unique mark that viewers can identify you by. It must show your customer your brand and what your business offers. Therefore, it is essential we create the perfect logo design so that you are unique and stand out from your competitors.

Our Branding Process

The Design Hive Design Consultation

1. Let's talk

With something as important as your logo, it’s important we get to know you. We can meet face to face, by video call or a simple phone call.

The Design Hive Research Process

2. Research

The second stage begins with the exploration of your business, competitors, target audience and existing ideas you may have.

The Design Hive Design Process

3. Design

We work together as a team to build up a bank of ideas and thoughts in their simplest form before going into more depth and detail.

The Design Hive Design Implementation

4. Implementation

The creation of your logo, which normally includes a minimum of three concepts, and the big reveal of the new you.