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Centaur Industries | Bridgwater, Somerset | Branding & Packaging Design

Centaur Industries Branding, Logo Design & Packaging Design, Bridgwater, Somerset

We were delighted to work with Centaur Industries in Bridgwater, who came to us as a start up business for brand guidelines and packaging design. They were about to launch two new products to the UK market. Although there are similar products of the market, these were the first of their kind to be launched in the UK.

The first product is Hushcoat, an advanced sound deadener. It reduces noise by up to 60% whilst going where soundproofing mats can’t.

The second product is Thermcoat, an advanced thermal insulation. It’s lightweight, effective and can be applied in all areas of your car to reduce transfer of heat from the engine, or the sun.

The first challenge was to design two logos, one for Hushcoat and one for Thermcoat. The logos had to be similar, but different. They also had to sum up each of the products and give the consumer an idea of what the products do.

The products are round tins of black paint, so we decided to place the Hushcoat and Thermcoat icons inside circular black dots to show this. The symbols and colours are effective and along with the font choices, show a professional and modern end finish.

We then worked on developing brand guidelines and packaging design for these two products.