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Little Adventurers Messy Play | Brean Play, Somerset | Logo Design

Little Adventurers Messy Play Logo & Poster Design – Brean Play

Little Adventurers is a start up business run by a mum for mums who want their youngsters to enjoy messy play sessions. These messy play sessions are held at Brean Play in Somerset.

We were commissioned to design a logo and knew this would be an exciting challenge. The client’s brief was clear and concise. The logo had to be fun, colourful and appealing to children. The client was also keen to use a hand that formed a tree, because this held a special place in her heart.

We began the process of researching and found that there were many other logos that used the hand and tree, so during the sketching process, we came up with four design concepts. One included a version based around the hand and tree, but we also created a logo that included a hand without the tree. This way we were able to cover part of the client’s wishes, but also produce something a little more unique. Our client was keen on a number of the designs, but particularly keen on the chosen logo. The idea behind this logo was that it literally spelt out ‘messy play’. It’s colourful and perfect for children. It can be instantly recognised as Little Adventurers even when you remove the text.

We also had the pleasure in creating an A3 poster. It was important to keep it fun and colourful, with the use of great wording and photography. The client was pleased with the results and has had great success with the business moving forward.