Is your business brand the heart and soul of your company?


Your business brand – the heart and soul of your company…

Followers of The Design Hive on our social media can’t have failed to notice how much noise we have made about out new video, the Hive is positively buzzing with excitement! But behind all the excitement is the very strong message that we hope is coming through it; how we create living brands.

To the workers at The Design Hive, a logo isn’t just a logo.

When we are asked to create a new logo we are told that we often surprise our clients. They have come in for a picture that they think represents how they want to look, we, on the other hand, know that what we will be creating is a look and feel that will permeate their business, represent their values and showcase their company in  way that oozes professionalism, company personality and well, just them!

When we set out to make the video, we knew that we wanted to show how the designs we create are really used across the very varied client base we have.  Branding is used everywhere; it is often subtle and it is only when it is missing that we sit up and recognise that something is almost ‘unfinished’.

There are still bastions of the ‘old school’ that believe a hand written poster, or one printed out using Word is good enough for company signage or in a shop window, but they are few and far between now. The  connotations are that the company didn’t think this was important enough, so it carries less respect, less credibility and frankly often damages even the most micro of brands.

Please take a look at our new super shiny video and hopefully see what we mean. Great branding flows through a business, it becomes part of the heart of the business, it engages with customers or clients on so many levels and, ultimately, isn’t just a nice graphic to use for your name – it represents so much more – it represents the heart and soul of your business brand.


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