Keeping Your Brand Alive

Through the coronavirus pandemic, how do you keep your brand alive?

We are in uncharted and challenging times with COVID-19 affecting each and every one of us on a personal or business level. On a positive note, people are pulling together all over the world, communities are supporting each other and we are finding ways to continue life and build morale through technology like never before.

All of us are concerned about the future and what impact COVID-19 will have on our businesses. In this short term period, are you using any downtime to put systems in place and work out how you can keep your brand alive? Many are. I have put together a guide to help your brand survive through this crisis.

Take care and stay safe, Melanie Downing – Owner

1. What can your brand offer in this climate?

For many, this is not the time for winning contracts and approaching companies with sales pitches. This is the time to take stock and work out what your brand can offer, not only businesses, but individuals. You will need to dig deep. Ask yourself; What are we good at? Who needs our help? What are their needs? When is the best time to offer our help? What impact will this have on our branding? 

Put together a brainstorm map; chuck every amazing or equally terrible idea you have down. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

2. Be authentic to your brand

If you have vision and mission statements, revisit these. Are you living these out each day through your branding, your networking, your social media, the way you speak to your customers? 

3. It’s good to talk

Your customers would really appreciate the occasional phone call or email. Just say ‘hello’ and ask how they are getting on. Deliver the personal touch.

4. Think outside the box

‘Stay at home’ is a message we are all reminded of on a daily basis. There are now thousands of businesses working from home and parents schooling their children, myself being one of them. In one week, Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, has become part of the family for many of us. By offering to coach us all by live streaming from his lounge, to the comfort of our own lounge, for free, he has gained the respect of many parents, reaching almost a million views on YouTube. Joe has announced that advertising revenues raised will be going straight to the NHS. How incredible.

So, is there a service you can deliver to help parents at home and children make the most out of each day. You could use free technologies, such as YouTube, social media, Mailchimp or speak to schools, friends, family and local business to help you reach out? 

5. Don’t disappear

So you’ve worked hard to build up a successful business and within one week of COVID-19 landing, the phones aren’t ringing, the only emails you are receiving are all about Corona Virus and no one needs your services. On the plus side, if you sell toilet roll or pasta, you’re business is thriving!

It would be very tempting to close your doors and disappear for a few months. However, if your brand doesn’t stay in front of customers, they will start to forget you exist, and we don’t want another business who is keeping their brand alive, to come along and pinch them. Your brand is a powerful tool, continue to put it in front of businesses.

6. Plan ahead

You’ve got some time on your hands, so make the most of it. Cherish it and enjoy every moment with your family. This time is precious. 

No doubt, if you are like us, you will always struggle to find the time needed to work on your business brand, advertising and website. Use this time wisely to stay ahead of your competitors. Could you improve your logo, write some text for an advert or brochure, update your website or go out and take some photos?

7. Everyone loves a freebie

Businesses are offering their services for free, from networking (we love #LTBIZ) to staff training and keep fit. Watch out for the emails, look on social media and places such as Eventbrite. Not only can you learn new skills, but you are also networking without realising it.

8. Do something awesome

So, you love a good freebie, but is there a service or product that you can offer within your capabilities to people that genuinely need your help? Just ensure your business can cope financially before you offer your good deed.

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