1 Year After Employment


A year after Tash's arrival. Thank you for an incredible year!

Working at The Design Hive

Tash-1-Year-Anniversary 1 Year After Employment

Wow. One year later. Working at The Design Hive has been an incredible journey. Through the ups and downs of deciding whether to employ (or not) or to freelance work out, to finding our special someone.

Well, it was exactly one year ago we employed a senior designer. Tash joined us from Oakwood Design Agency in Bristol. It was a huge decision for Tash to make, but one we are delighted she took. As a little surprise and to show our appreciation for her hard work over the past year, Tash arrived to a huge pink balloon and card. Think her little girls will love playing with the balloon, so it’s a win win all round!!

Working for The Design Hive has given Tash the benefit of working very closely with clients, working on a wide variety of projects and gaining new skills. We make a fantastic team and going down the route of employment, was the best decision made for the future of The Design Hive. We (including everyone at Quicksign) think Tash is a great asset to our hive!

Tash-1-Year-Card 1 Year After Employment

Thank you Tash and here’s to many successful years ahead.

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