The Impact of great branding

When is it time to reconsider your branding?

We all know instinctively when we see a great brand design that the product or service is going to be of a high standard. A great design will build confidence, trust and evoke emotion, creating an urge to find out more.

Conversely, a dated logo or brand can be iconic, or it can be just ‘tired’ looking. Even the most well-known and revered brands have to sometimes admit it is time for change.

This week the world of design was rocked by Johnson and Johnson who dared to change their baby products! Shock horror, how could they do this and survive the backlash of change? What Johnson and Johnson had realised is that their branding, whilst well-loved by generations of families, no longer appealed to the new parents of today. And this happens across every market place – what we desire changes and how we want that presented is important. And so even the most previously esteemed brands are falling and rebranding in an effort to reach out to their traditional markets – and great design is now a must for many to complete that journey.

At The Design Hive, one of our favourite moments in a working day is when we are challenged by a company to reinvent, or rework their brand to meet today’s stringent customer demands. It is a privilege to be trusted with a company’s branding – and a huge responsibility!

We thought we would take a little walk down our own memory lane and just revisit some of the brands we have given a facelift; there are many more to view in our portfolio, but these were just a few where we brought some of the older brands back into today’s market.

We think these brands are good examples of the way a new logo can reinvigorate the way people feel about a business…

Discover Brean

We gave an old logo a slight twist to bring it bang up to date.

The trail of discovery was then used throughout the website to tell a story and build the brand.

Discover Brean Old & New Logo Design

Groves Xtreme Clean

We think this imagery speaks for itself – which would you go to for the work?

before and afetr Groves Xtreme cleaning rebrand

Maisey’s Bakery

Imagine our excitement when we were asked to rebrand Maisey’s Bakery; this bakery had been in business since 1885 and are legendary in this area!

We are really pleased with what we managed to produce for them; they wanted a feel that spoke of longevity and reflected their heritage. We think we achieved this…

masieys before and after new branding

The Retreat Caravan Park

This family business wanted to celebrate their 70th anniversary by showing the world how proud they are of their business by bringing their branding into 2018!

We worked on a fresh, warm and professional look, building in the iconic Burnham-on-Sea Lighthouse, which is on their doorstep.

Retreat Caravan Park before and after new branding

We hope you agree that all of these established brands and long-standing businesses have been given a new appeal by our branding designs?

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Mel is the Creative Director/Owner of The Design Hive. Mel has put her heart and soul into building up the business and is truly passionate about the the industry and our clients.