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PTS Direct | Clifton Bristol | Branding | Logos

PTS Direct stands for Patient Transport Service and is a company based in Clifton, Bristol, Avon. They specialise in transporting patients to and from the hospital.

The Design Hive was given the commission to design a logo that emphasised what the company does. After much research into the industry and gaining a full understating about the business, we drafted up six logo examples for the client to review. The logo you see above was an instant success as it said everything they needed their logo to. The curved line represented transport and being on the go, the + symbol represents hospitals and patients and there was one more added extra, which my client very quickly spotted. The ‘i’ in Direct represents PTS Direct, which travels to the patient or + symbol in this case.

We then designed business cards and letterheads, which became their solid brand identity with key fonts and colours in place. A very striking advert was designed, which was small, yet mighty!