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Plumbing Solutions Plus Website Design | Brand-Development

We were approached by Plumbing Solutions Plus in East Brent, Somerset, to help them expand their existing Brand.

After seeing how a strong visual identity can help get the businesss recognised, they wanted to continue with and expand upon this. We were asked to create an image that could be used across a wide range of formats, that could really help them stand out from other plumbers. We created an image of their very own, the Plumbing Solutions Plus ‘blue duck’! This stands proudly out from a sea of yellow ducks, visually representing them as ‘standing out from the crowd’. This image has been used across a range of materials including postcards and advertising. We have also taken the blue+ droplet from the logo and used this throughout marketing materials to really bring everything together.

Plumbing Solutions were so pleased with the work we’d completed that they decided to have their website refreshed. This really is the cherry on the cake,  creating a strong and instantly recognisable brand.