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Hullabaloos | Natural Lemonade Producer | Somerset | Website, Branding, Packaging

Hullabaloos produce tongue tingling handmade lemonade in Somerset. There are no baddies or bubbles in their lemonade and they use real ingredients. The company was formed in 2014 by owners Randa and Leigh Abdullah-Hucker, and they have gone on to win multiple awards, such as the highly respected Great Taste award.

Hullabaloos approached us after winning our social media competition to ‘name our bee’. We discussed making updates and design changes to their current site, which they were struggling to manage and update, and they also had hosting problems, so the ecommerce shop would often be offline. After much thought and discussion, Hullabaloos decided a brand-new website would solve all their problems. That’s exactly what we did!

The new website was firstly designed to match their personalities, beliefs and enhance their brand. We wanted to firm up and really establish the Hullabaloos brand. We really got to know the owners and spent much time researching who they were, so that we could ensure we got the brief right. When presented with the new artwork, Hullabaloos were delighted.

There was one more extremely exciting challenge ahead and that was to redesign the Hullabaloos bottle labels and logo. We have the best jobs in the world! We worked very closely with Hullabaloos over several months to produce new label artwork for all flavours that would create a bigger impact against their competitors, make the most important information ‘pop’, and be completely on-brand and consistent with their new website. We did a lot of testing for each flavour to ensure that the artwork and colours would work beautifully on a transparent label. Finally, we had to transfer this artwork to an Arabic format for each flavour as Hullabaloos were now exporting to Egypt.

Client Testimonial

"We asked The Design Hive to create our new website and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Mel and her fab team listened to exactly what we wanted and created something we are really proud to shout about. No problem is too big or too small for them – I can’t recommend them enough! Thank you so much Mel, Jason and Tash."
Team Hullabaloos