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Horwood Köhler | Germany | Branding, Logo, Graphic Design, Website

Horwood Köhler are a German-based recruitment company specialising in science, technology and engineering-level positions. Their clients include some of Germany’s biggest, most well-known companies, right through to high-growth start-ups. They believe in building long-lasting relationships with their clients and candidates.

When we first received contact from our German based customers back in 2018, we were excited to begin a fascinating journey with them. Richard and Agnes own the company and we were delighted to meet them here in the UK when we first began the process of working with them.

Firstly, we began with a new logo design, which needed a professional and corporate look. After much sketching, we drew up our favourite concepts and presented them to our customer. To our delight, Horwood Köhler chose the logo we were secretly hoping for.

Since then, our graphic design team have worked on marketing collateral, business stationery, a new WordPress website and even Christmas cards. We love our jobs!

As with many small businesses, over time, your business grows and often your services diversify. Horwood Köhler did just that, so we then worked as a team with the owners to come up with new content, new imagery and videography and a fresh new look. We wanted to ensure the site had a scientific twist. We are thrilled with the results, which you can see in the link below.

Due to the incredible technology we are surrounded by these days, from an email, to a Zoom call, the relationship feels no different, even though they are 850 miles away in Munich.