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eat:Festivals, Burnham, Weston, Wellington, Taunton, Somerset

Logo design for eat:Festivals (Burnham-on-Sea, Weston-super-Mare, Wellington & Taunton Food and Drink Festival).

We were overjoyed when we were commissioned to create a new logo design for the award winning Burnham-on-Sea Food & Drink Festival. Weston-super-Mare, Taunton and Wellington Festivals are part of the same brand. The Food Festival is a huge part of Somerset and attracts visitors from near and far.

It was incredibly important to us, and our client, that this logo could push the brand forward, and appeal to a wide target audience. The logo had to work on all types of media, merchandise and advertising. It needed to incorporate Burnham-on-Sea, Weston-super-Mare, Taunton and Wellington Festivals. The name was also changing; from the well know Burnham-on-Sea Food & Drink Festival to eat:Festivals. The logo had to be strong enough to carry this significant change. No pressure!!

The client was initially keen on the idea of creating an old stamp. It had to incorporate a knife and fork to symbolise food, a drink, a cow for dairy, and a heart to show love. The heart was based on the idea of keeping an element of the current logo within the design.

With all that in mind, we went to work. We put a great deal of time into researching the industry. We also wanted to ensure the logo was completely unique. We then went onto brainstorming and producing a wide range of sketches before going onto screen.

We were delighted that our client was pleased with the end result. The chosen logo was selected because it summed up the food and drink festival in every way possible. It tells a story and quickly informs viewers what the festivals are about and where the Festivals are held.

Client Testimonial

"eat:Festivals re-brand: Mel worked quickly on a wide-ranging brief to produce two logos that nailed our expectations. We need an over-arching brand and a logo that could be adapted for each event. She incorporated our wish list, dream list and and shoot for the moon list. We have received consistently positive feedback on our new identity and wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to others."
Bev Milner-Simonds – eat:Festivals