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Logo Design for Discover Brean in Somerset

Discover Brean is the official visitor website for Brean Sands in Somerset. It was set up by a number of holiday park owners in Brean as an information site for visitors to find out about Brean, what it has to offer and events.

Discover Brean already had a well established logo design, so we were able to work with this as the backbone, but give it a slight twist, so that it would enable us to build a brand and theme across the website. We added a trail of discovery around the edge of the logo, made it circular in shape and changed the fonts.

Discover Brean Old New Logo

This trail of discovery was then used throughout the website to help tell a story. We created these four captions on the home page using the trail of discovery to build up a picture of Brean.

We are delighted to have worked with all the local businesses involved with Discover Brean and are very proud and delighted with the final design.