Sopha Homemade Beds, Sofas & Homestuff Logo
Sopha illustrative furniture newspaper advert, Somerset
Sopha branded car park signage design, Highbridge, Somerset
Sopha Logo Design & Signage, Somerset
Sopha Logo Design & Signage, Somerset

Logo, branding, graphic design, signage and illustration work… stone left unturned!

We’ve been extremely busy bees 🐝 in the hive, working on, well, just about everything Sopha. We feel as though we are the bees that got all the honey, or in other words, the proud designers of the Sopha brand!

The first challenge, was to delve deep in to the thought process of putting ourselves in to the shoes of Sopha and create a logo that encompassed all that they stand for. Our first thoughts were…do we play it safe or do we have some fun?? Of course, we decided to have some fun and give Sopha a brand with a slightly cheeky personality that would help create memorable communications going forward.

Sopha-Furniture-Logo-Somerset-sm-e1562243269201 Sopha | Furniture Retailer | Logo Design & Branding

Here’s where the Sopha Koala comes in. He’s very cute, very cuddly and sleeps for a very long time, 22 hours a day!! He’s the Koala that stole the ‘h’ from Sopha, the Koala that causes all the trouble (when he’s awake!), gives the orders (he has a very busy store to run, of course!), is always messing up the bed displays (there’s a lot of sleeping to be done….zzzzzzzz!), oh, and of course, there’s a lot of modelling shots to pose for. As you can see below, whilst lounging on a handmade Sopha mattress (lovingly all made in Somerset). Such a busy Koala!!

Sopha-furniture-retail-koala-logo-design-Somerset-1024x741 Sopha | Furniture Retailer | Logo Design & Branding

The Design Hive team have been let loose on many creative projects for Sopha. Here are some of the projects we have worked on so far:

• Logo Design
• Brand Guidelines
• Leaflet Design
• Flyer Design
• Packaging Design
• Signage Design
• Illustrations
• Advert Design
• Label & Sticker Design
• Coffee Shop Menu Design
• Poster Design
• Social Media Imagery

It really has been a designers dream to work on the Sopha brand. If you have an exciting project on the horizon, no matter how big or small, get in touch with The Design Hive team on 01278 783273 or email


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