Harris Bros & Collard (HBC) are a building and maintenance contracting company. Their offices are in Bridgwater, Somerset, United Kingdom with operations throughout the Southwest region.

The Design Hive gave this business a complete design overhaul. The first task was to work on the branding. Harris and Collard (HBC) already had a logo, but this needed to be redrawn and pantone colours chosen so that it is print ready and can be used in any type of graphic design work.

A stunning brochure design was the next challenge. In order to give HBC a strong brand identity, we chose to make the background of all their designs in dark blue and use orange to stand out on top of this. One of the key design features is the corner curves on the photos; this runs throughout all their designs. We also put together an A4 folder, which they send out to prospective clients.

Harris & Collard Bros (HBC) - Old Business Card Design

Above: Old HBC business card design.

Glossy business cards were designed and litho printed on a fabulous stock with two of the corners curved to match the HBC branding. Also, a magazine advert was created.

In the HBC office in Bridgwater, there are numerous large canvasses hung up, which we were asked to design, print and manufacture. They add a very professional touch to the office. We also printed logo stickers on vinyl and designed and printed a number of site signs onto correx.

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