Charity family fun day flyer and signage designs for West Country Parks, Purn Holiday Park, near West-super-Mare, North Somerset.

We produce work for West Country Parks on a weekly basis, so we were only too happy to help with the design of their fun day flyers and signage. Some may say, “it’s only a fun day flyer”. Not to us! We wanted to create the most eye catching, fun and exciting, family related flyer design on the planet. That’s what we did. The flyer went up in leading supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda and many high street shops. The reactions and comments we received from a single flyer design were incredible.

The Manager of West Country Parks said, “I love it”.

After a meeting with the manager, we were then onto designing the stall signs for the fun day. Initially, we thought we would replicate the theme onto the signs, but then our creative minds started ticking away. We started with the bouncy castle stall sign. Why not have the people that stand on top of the circles bouncing? That led us to create something different on each of the signs.

The Manager of West Country Parks said, “They are brilliant! Thank you for all your hard work, you really are a star!”.

You can view the West Country Parks portfolio of work here.

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