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Rebranding of The Design Hive

The Design Hive create beautiful things that consists of text and images. We like to use our skills to update our own brand, as well as our clients. In 2015, we decided it was time to rebrand the company and this was the result.

We asked ourselves a question. Do we create a design that works with the name of Hive or go in a different direction? Of course, the answer was simple. We work with it, and create a strong and powerful brand.

The logo was our first challenge. We began by sketching down any idea that came to mind, but we came back to the original thought of using the initials ‘d’ for Design and ‘h’ for Hive. After much consideration, we decided the honeycomb hexagon was going to be the base of our ‘d’ and ‘h’ letters. Within our logo, you can see the letters formed using the hexagon shape. The ‘h’ has been reflected to fit with the ‘d’. A striking burnt yellow was chosen as the main brand colour, along with dark grey to contrast it beautifully.

The business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and signage followed the logo. After generating many ideas, we produced a modern design that is bold, simple and professional. A design that fits perfectly with the logo.

A new brand identity brings a new website. This was the perfect excuse to bring everything up to date and build a new responsive website to showcase our work. This website is 80 pages and counting. Months of hard work went into getting this website looking clean and professional. It had to be user friendly and really show off our work. It had to tell a story. It had to show people how passionate we are about our love for design. Of course, it had to be custom made!


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