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Our award winning team are continuously evolving to keep ahead of the latest technology. Your website is potentially the first place people go from being prospects to potential clients. Visitors will leave your website within seconds if they don’t like what they see and are confused by the layout and navigation. We will help you get your website design right first time.

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Balancing design and function

A website should look great and function perfectly. We blend the two beautifully, so that you end up with a website that exceeds your expectations and you are proud to show off. Often, we find customers come to us after being disappointed and let down by website companies who haven’t married great design with great function. You have seconds to impress, don’t waste them!

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Our award winning team will work with you every step of the way so that we can we get to know you and your business. Firstly, there will be a consultancy stage, where we meet and help you understand what you need from your website. We will discuss the possibilities open to you and what you can expect from building a website with us. All our websites are responsive as standard, so they will adapt to any device creating a great user experience.

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There are two options you can choose from:

  • Themed WordPress website – this is where you are able to select a theme. A theme dictates the look and style of your website. Your theme is made up of a number of things, such as fonts, your brand colours and other areas that affect the aesthetics of your site. Your theme helps to reflect your identity. A theme is available for anyone to download on the web, but built professionally, will set your website apart from others. Our creative skills will propel your website to the next level, making it completely unique from others. This is the option to consider if you have a smaller budget or are looking to put something online prior to designing a custom built website. WordPress is a powerful open sourced content management system that allows customers to have control over their website. This is an area we will discuss with you during your consultation.
  • Custom built website – this option allows you to have complete control over the design process. A custom design is built from the ground up. The design is completely unique and bespoke to you. Your branding will be strongly reflected within the design. We work very closely with you throughout this process, as each of the main pages will be mocked up for you to look over and approve prior to any coding work. As well as a bespoke design, there are other huge advantages for choosing a custom build. Load speed and clean coding. The code is extremely clean and the site is highly optimised. This means it loads quickly and therefore visitors will stay on your site and your sales will go up.

Your website is one of your most powerful sales tools. It is possibly the first place people will see your brand, and where they go from being prospects to potential clients. Our aim is to create a unique user experience which drawers visitors to your website. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you and your business.

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