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Mel's favourite food is a good British roast, homemade lasagne and an amazing ice cream!
Mel's favourite drink is Twinnings Fusions and Water! Sorry she is not very unadventurous when it comes to drinks.
Mel's favourite things to do are street dance, walking and watching her little girls laugh.
Mel loves all music, The Great British Bake Off and many other films she can't remember the names of.
Mel used to teach street dance before having her children. The business was started up in 2009 and she has worked long hours since to make the business a success. She would like to work on improving her work life balance for the future.

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Mel is Married to a man called Roy.
Do you have kids?(Required)

Mel had her first little girl in 2012 and her second in 2014.
Mel has a tiny little Russian hamster called Bob!
Mel's eldest girl is very arty and doesn't stop painting and drawing. Her youngest loves to dance and is a cheeky monkey. Mel's husband is an adrenaline junkie. He rides jet ski's in the World Jet Ski Championships doing all sorts of stunts and flips. He is crazy! He is also a self-employed electrician.