The Story Behind #LadyBuzzington

In September, The Design Hive team decided to have a little bee crocheted ?. At this point, The Branding Agency based in the small town of Highbridge in Somerset, were not aware that this little bee was about to cause quite a storm…

Obviously, the little bee needed a name, but not just any old name, something with meaning and one that would incorporate a bee or design element to it. Well, we just couldn’t be held responsible for such an important decision. That’s where the power of social media came in!

We asked the incredible businesses that follow us on all of our social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn) if they could help us name our little office friend. Guess what? We had an overwhelming response with 83 entries!

Design Hive Bee 83 entries

The most magical thing about this, was the excitement we felt from everyone getting involved. It felt like a big community of businesses, near and far, small and large, busy working away to come up with the most creative name for our office bee. We feel the challenge of coming up with a name for our bee, that incorporated everything under the branding umbrella, such as, graphic design, logo design, website design and social media management, gave everyone something they could really sink their teeth in to. We had so many fantastic name suggestions, far too many to make a decision. Here were our top four.

Design Hive Bee - Lady Buzzington

We decided to pick our top four favourites and put these to the public vote through all our social media channels. This could only mean one thing….we set up a poll!


The polls on each of our social media channels all came up with completely different favourites, which was interesting.

One of our highlights was a conversation between Josh Singer and Joshua Light, who were discussing which name should win out of the four options. It went something like this;

Josh said “Bertie”

Joshua said “Back down Singer, It’s going to be Bumbledore and I am buying it a wand!!”

The Design Hive (Mel) said “Joshua hee hee ? that’s made me chuckle…..a lot! A wand is definitely in order. I’ll hold you to that ?”

Joshua said “I’m still saying, if bumbledore doesn’t win, I will protest! ?”

Mel said “Ha ha ha, I think some magic should be involved in the protest, that’s what Bumbledore would do surely???‍♀️”

Joshua said “Well I did say in the last post I would supply the wand, however if it takes bumbledore to the top Ill pay for its fees to hogwarts! (Conditions involve gaining a 1st degree honours and paying me back thrice once head of all things witchcraft and wizardry)!!!”

Mel said “Hee hee ? my belly is aching I’m laughing so much. That sounds like a deal.”

We had an enormous response to the poll we ran, with a huge 323 votes in total. It was a very close call.

Design Hive Bee - Somerset - 323 Votes

Our winner was finally announced. Strangely, this felt like the big reveal! Everyone was waiting patiently in anticipation! But they had to wait a little longer, because at The Design Hive, we didn’t want the fun to end here, so we put together a short video to announce the winner in style #justforlaughs. Enjoy!

We adore the new name, Lady Buzzington, chosen by the wonderful Hullabaloos. Thank you to the runners up, Steve James, The Hamper Guys and PVS for playing such a big part and thank you to everyone that has joined in and had some fun with us.

If you would like to borrow Lady Buzzington and share some interesting social media posts, or to find out how we can help you with your social media, get in touch on 01278 783273 or email

Mel is the Creative Director/Owner of The Design Hive. Mel has put her heart and soul into building up the business and is truly passionate about the the industry and our clients.