Keeping all your requirements under one roof


We are so delighted to work on a logo or website or some business stationery for a business, but occasionally they may have had another service that we offer completed by another company. Sharing is caring, of course! However, this is usually because they hadn’t realised the range of services we offer, and when they do, they wished they had known sooner. So, we thought this deserved a post! Communication is key, right?!

We would love to welcome all our clients from the start of their journey through the ups and downs of their ever-evolving story. I guess you could liken our services to a car, which always needs fine tuning, servicing and a yearly MOT. A business is very similar. It never sits still and therefore it’s important to keep your brand, marketing material, website, and all the bits in between up to date and fresh.


  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • WordPress website design & development
  • Signage design, print & manufacturing
  • Printing


Working with a single freelancer or an agency from start to finish has many benefits. The saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ springs to mind here. This rings true in so many ways when it comes to design work. If you are building a brand, it’s a complex procedure with a lot of project management involved, so whilst sharing is caring in many ways, it is likely to have a detrimental impact to your brand. Having multiple agencies working on different parts of your brand will make communication harder, consistency less likely and the end result could be a flop.

We have experienced exactly this when working with certainly establishments that have no choice but to work with multiple design agencies. We start off by working on the logo and creating the brand, but once the project leaves us to have a website built somewhere else, we then lose the ability to ensure the level of detail and essence of what we were hoping to achieve stays intact. Often, our vision for the brand gets lost unless you are able to keep the communication open and help facilitate the process.


  • The chance to build a beautiful relationship with an agency
  • Consistency throughout all your branding, marketing literature and website
  • No loss in communication
  • No need to separate design and development of a website. Designers and developers work very closely together and always should
  • Everything is kept under one roof to keep things simple

So, if you are excited about the opportunity of working with a single agency, let us help you propel your business into the new you!

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Mel is the Creative Director/Owner of The Design Hive. Mel has put her heart and soul into building up the business and is truly passionate about the the industry and our clients.