Don’t make me think!

Have you ever reached out, picked up a package and thought “How on earth do I get into this?” At that point, do you fall just a little bit out of love with your new purchase, like I do at that point?

Equally have you ever looked at a logo and thought “what on earth is that strapline all about?” I tire easily if my intellect is challenged by some ‘too clever’ design. I really don’t want to have to think too hard about things I don’t NEED to. Why waste my energy? And that is what a good designer instinctively understands, it’s not about being overly clever, it’s about being very ‘obvious’. It is important that people understand a brand immediately when they see it; what it stands for.

Straplines are at their most important when your company name doesn’t say what you do and we think these logos are good examples of companies who have got it right – click the links to see more:

Good Logo Straplines

We are far too kind to name and shame companies where we think they have gone too far, but I am guessing you all know a few!

Branding is important for a company in creating that whole ambience around the name that makes you relate to it, and the keyword in this sentence is ‘relate’. The dictionary definition of ‘relate’ is to make or show a connection between and to feel sympathy for, or identify with – it is an instinctive reaction. How can you have an empathy to something you just don’t understand?

So when we design new branding for companies, we carefully bear in mind that if you have to think about it, it is probably too clever for its own good, and certainly not doing the job we want it to do.

Did I say we wouldn’t name and shame – well maybe just one…we can think of a brand that rocked the world 17 years ago as an example of how not to over complicate it…..Remember Consignia, the new brand for the post office? No? We rest our case!

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